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04 BEDROOMS | 06 - 10 GUESTS

The interiors of our boutique wooden cottage are just as unique as its exteriors. As you enter the house, you will find a large living hall spread across different levels comprising a kitchen at the top, a dining area one level below, and a lounge on the lowest step. The large window wall of the lounge area offers vistas of Himalayan peaks such as Trishul and Nandakot. 

The 04 bedrooms of this boutique vacation home are laid out below the peaked glass-roofline on 02 floors. The 02 bedrooms on the ground floor open up to the garden while the other 2 bedrooms offer a glimpse of the beautiful starry night sky through their glass roof.​

Besides the 04 rooms of the main house, there is an additional independent 02 Bedroom Unit called Meraki (has to be booked separately) which is apt for smaller groups of up to 04 guests or can be used for additional rooms if you are coming in a bigger group. Meraki

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